Club Merchandise


We are excited to announce our new supplier of the LCSC uniform is

arena swimming

Since 1973, arena has created and marketed waterwear products for competitive swimmers and swimming fans worldwide, and is universally recognised as one of the premium brands of high quality swimwear and equipment. In an historic agreement signed in early 2014, arena became a principal sponsor and technical partner of the swimming world’s governing body, FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation).

arena is technical sponsor and official supplier to many swimming federations including Australia’s own swim team.

As part of our supply agreement with arena, LCSC members receive the following benefits:
•       Significant discounts on high quality LCSC uniforms compared to RRP
•       Equipment (i.e. googles, kickboards, pullbuoys) – Wholesale pricing less 20%
•       Powerskin Racing Suits – Wholesale pricing less 5%

New ordering process

Please read the "How to order" guideline for full details of what to do to purchase the specific items you desire. 


Other documents you may need for chosing and placing an order are below:
"How to order" guideline
LCSC Merchandise Book v1.0 - note this is currently a 10MB file and may take a while to open
01_LCSC_Arena - LCSC Merchandise List - June 2021.pdf
02_LCSC_Arena - Equipment Order Form - June 2021.xlsx
03_LCSC_Arena - Powerskin Racing Suit Order From - June 2021.xlsx

The club is currently taking orders within a strict order window:
Tuesday 22nd June 2021 to Friday 9th July 2021

The quick link for the LCSC merchandise is here:

Any queries, please contact via email :