Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Q1. Will the squad program and levels be the same? If not how do I know which level my child will be in?

A1. The names of the levels have changed slightly. The old level names are listed next to the new level names on the squad information sheet. The Head coach can provide further guidance if required.


Q2. Will my child be able to swim on the days that they are currently swimming on?

A2. The new timetable is fairly closely aligned to the old timetable so that we minimize disruption to existing swimmers schedules.


Q3. Will the new Coach assess my child for the appropriate level?

A3. The Head Coach will assess your child if required.


Q4. Can I pause my Squads temporarily?

A4. The squad training program is a perpetual program. Squad memberships can only be suspended for medical grounds as per the terms detailed in the Squad information sheet.


Q5. How do we register for the program?

A5. Registrations will open from Monday 24th September. Bookings can be made at the reception counter of the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre.


Q6. I am a Lane Cove Swim Club Member who swims at Wenona. Can we still join squads on an adhoc basis?

A6. Yes. We are currently discussing how this will work with the Head Coach at Wenona.


Q7. Will we have access to more lanes inside during the winter months?

A7. Lanes are allocated dependent upon demand. As BlueFit is the operator of the pool as well as the squad program this makes it much easier to allocate additional space if required.


Q8. Will you cater for Multi Class Swimmers?

A8. We are able to accommodate Multi Class swimmers within our program.


Q9. What happens if I have a current Squad Visit Pass or Membership purchased from Lane Cove Aquatic Centre?

 A9.  Any current Visit passes or Memberships can be traded in at the Reception counter for credit towards your squad fees.


 Q10.  Who can I contact for more information?

A10. For further information please contact:


For Bookings, Pricing, Administration etc please contact


For information relating to the training program or swimmer progress etc. please contact Michael Jacobs (Head Coach) on


Or come into the Aquatic Centre Reception and we can help you out in person.